Seed reserve, additional measures in Norway for safety

There are seeds saved from 5,000 plant species from around the world. Dried and frozen so that they can withstand hundreds of years. If a global war or global warming threatens the key plants the world hinges on, the seeds will exist within a giant fridge, in the depths of a mountain on the Arctic island of Svalbard in Norway. But last year, water could penetrate the global seed reserve tunnel, threatening the treasure held there. Temperatures as exceedingly high in the past year, made the ice melt by filling the tunnel entrance with water. The seeds were not damaged but now Norway has decided to take action and improve the defense. The reserve, a kind of Noah's Ark for Plants, will now have new, water-resistant walls in the tunnel and drainage channels outside it. Although many countries maintain the stocks of key varieties, the global seed reserve acts as a support. If a country's seeds are lost as a result of a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe, those stored in the Arctic can be used to regenerate. The scientists there call the reserve as the most important room in the world. The Norwegian government has explained that the cause for building a reserve in Svalbard has been the belief that ice would be permanent. But the problems arose last October, when the temperatures instead of -10 degrees were around zero. Consequently, mountain drainage channels have been opened to prevent water collection around the tunnel entry and water resistant walls that will provide additional protection to the seeds. Meanwhile, Statsbygg, the managing agency, has launched a research and development project to monitor Svalbard's ice creams.

Putin - Erdogan meet in Istanbul for Turkish Stream pipeline

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Istanbul where they talked to start implementing the project pipeline joint Turkish Stream leaving behind the tensions between the two countries since the Turkish Air Force hit a Russian aircraft on the border with Syria.

Putin is in Istanbul at the invitation of Erdogan, as a participant of global energy summit.
 During his speech at the summit, the Russian president said he was happy that the Turkish authorities failed to keep the situation under control and prevent a coup in July. The two leaders discussed joint Turkish Stream pipeline which was opened another avenue for entry of gas from Russia to Europe. 

This corridor is the rival South Stream which will carry natural gas from fields in Azerbaijan to Europe via Greece, Albania and Italy.   We are continuing work on Turkish Stream project, which aims to transport natural gas, which we already buy from Balkan lines, directly from Russia through the Black Sea. The second part of this project will depend on the conditions of the gas market in Europe. 

On the other hand, the eastern Mediterranean gas is a new option that adds our source. He said Turkish President Erdogan. Of 11.4 billion project was presented by Putin two years ago, is in Turkey, as an alternative to the cancellation of the passage of the southern corridor through Bulgaria. Its construction is expected to be finalized in 2019 and the amount of natural gas that will be transported by him to be 32 billion cubic meters per year.

Children remained in the jungle, France: London hold promise

Paris urged London to keep his promise to take the children of immigrants from the jungle notorious Calais (Kales) The French move adds pressure after allegations of the Red Cross, the British were drag this issue. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve intends to submit the matter English counterpart Amber Rudd, in a meeting that will be with him in London.

In Calais (KALE) has hundreds of isolated minors, relatives of whom are in Britain. I solemnly ask the country to respect his moral obligations associated with these children, said Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior in France. Camp chaotic French port city is home to around 10 thousand immigrants who have fled conflict and poverty in Syria, Afghanistan and Africa.

Their main objective is to arrive in Britain. In the jungle of Calais (Kales) has nearly 1,000 unaccompanied minors, 178 of whom have family in the UK, something which Red Kruqit should automatically give the right to seek asylum in this country.

Prize for the theory of contracts

Briton Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom Finn are the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Economics. Prestigious award came as a reward to their work on the theory of contracts.

Briton Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom Finn are the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Economics. Prestigious award came as a reward to their work on the theory of contracts.

 The jury believes that efforts have laid a foundation duo intellectual policy to be followed in areas such as bankruptcy legislation and political constitutions. Report made the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. As a hart, and Holmstrom also provide teaching for years in the United States at Harvard University first, and the second at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 Modern economies are held by the contracts, was the official argument of the prestigious award and, in terms of their mode of operation, new theoretical tools developed by Hart and Holmstrom considered more valuable. They can be used, for example, to assess the salary of senior executives based on performance. All this is of key importance for the Hart and Holmstrom research help us enormously to understand these kinds of contracts and institutions, said Per Stromnbers, chairman of the Nobel in Economics.

 The researchers, who together share the honors between them the prize of about 750 thousand pounds, had strong competition from former World Bank chief economist Paul Romer, whom many regarded as the clear favorite team in the competition.

Haiti, after Hurricane Matthew threatens cholera epidemic

Recovery efforts face major challenges in Haiti hit hard by the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic a decade

A new crisis threatens the inhabitants of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere: the cholera epidemic. The disease is spreading and the situation complicates even more the lack of clean water.

 The number of victims of Hurricane Matthew fluctuate already in 1000. Some of the dead were placed in mass graves in the southwest of the country destroyed, where cholera is turning into the main threat. In Chardonnieres municipalities, Port-a-Piment and Coteaux, people are desperate for drinking water, food and shelter. To kilometers of the eye there sees not only ruin and despair.

 We need serums and water purification tablets, otherwise we can not escape the lives of these people said Pierre Louis, a doctor. As government aid and foreign as it was not arrive rapidly, so many people in areas hit by the storm have to rely on coconuts for food and water.

 A part of the water reservoirs are polluted by dead animals. Cholera causes severe diarrhea and, if not treated in time, a person can die very quickly of dehydration.

Yemen, the US battleship missile targeted Houthi rebels

Two missiles targeted a US military ship off the coast of Yemen on Sunday, but could not hit the target and fell into the water.

According to the Pentagon, the rockets were fired from the territory controlled by Houthi rebels in Yemen devastated by war, and their target was devastating ship USS Mason. Learned that the missile launcher, which took place within an hour, was intercepted by US sailors aboard the vessel, which immediately took protective measures avoiding any problem. According to US authorities, USS Mason was ndërkomëbatre waters in the Red Sea, at a distance about 20 km from the coast.

Although not stated who attack, Pentagon officials said that the fact that the rockets were fired from Houthi rebel areas leaves little room for doubt. They also confirmed that, despite the incident, the United States is committed to ensure freedom of navigation anywhere in the world.

Conflict in Yemen, Washington supports the government of President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi, while not know what the Houthi rebels, who have occupied the capital Sanaa. US aircraft supporting the coalition led by Saudis fighting Houthi rebels, but recently announced that it will reconsider cooperation, especially in the capital after the air strike, which cost the lives of more than 150 people.

Personal insults debate, Clinton wins. Trump Threatened with jail

Second TV debate between the two candidates in the race for the White House was a crash even more severe than the first, filled with personal insults level. Tradition once sacred encounters focused on the exchange of comments on the future of the country, was set aside.

Polls show that Donald Trump was better than last time but even though he claims otherwise, it seems that Hillary snatched victory. Since the beginning it was clear that the atmosphere at the University St. Louis Missouri had not been friendly. Unlike rivals is the first turn gave each other hand as they entered the hall.

The situation erupted when the issue affects Trumpi vulgar comments against women, which fill the days of the first titles to local media. Republican candidate initially tried to dodge the question of moderator Anderson Cooper on the example that should give both of them the young, which meant actually pushed a series episode Republicans to withdraw their support for New York magnate.

Billionaire tried to dodge direct response, changing the topic several times. But when Hillary addressed the audience with the words look who is Donald Trump, then with Bill Clinton and Chelsea in hall 70-year-old went on the attack, crossing the former president and his marital infidelities.

You know, the previous Republican candidates for president have not been agreed with the policy and principles, but I never questioned their ability to serve the country. Donald Trumpi is different. We heard what he has thought for women. Video claims that it represents not, but I believe it is clear to everyone who he really is, said Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton look once it is much worse. They were only words of mine, he went into action. Political history there has never been a man so abusive to women, countered Trump.

After that he said that if elected president would require a special investigation on the issue of Hillary to private emails and threatened to lead his rival in prison.

For all what the e-mailet is a lie, but I wonder. How well that the law in this country has not at one with Donald Trumpi temperament, "said Hillary.

Yes, because otherwise you would be back hekuraveiu Trump responded immediately.

Democratic candidates fell prey opponent hitting below the belt and chose to follow the philosophy of Michelle Obama for not responding to lower comments. At the end of the debate, both candidates were asked what they saw as positive to each other, despite the current rhetoric.

Clinton said he respected Trumpi children, while he said that Hillary is a fighter not easily surrender.